What to Wear

A styling guide full of dos and don'ts for what to wear to make sure that your outfits and accessories compliment you and ensure your photo session is as beautiful as you envision.

Select a few complimenting colors

DO NOT Choose outfits that are all the same color for the whole family or wear solid black or white, the colors don't create dimension in your photos.

DO NOT Select colors that are bright and over powerful, neon or bold/bright colors do not photograph well. They will take away from the images and may even make skin tones seem off.

DO Choose two to three complimenting colors for your outfit coordination will create some dimension in your images.

DO choose your favorite colors but go with a more toned down neutral, pastel or earth toned version of those colors.

WEAR Layers

DO wear layers! it creates wonderful dimension and you can add or remove pieces for some added variety in your images

DO NOT wear infinity scarves or overly puffy jackets that take away from your natural body shape.

Stick With One Pattern

DO NOT pick multiple patterns for your family members outfits. Too many patterns gets to be too busy and can take away from the images.

DO NOT choosing matching outfits.

DO pick a pattern if you're drawn to one,

DO start with one outfit (Select one member to wear a pattern if there is a piece you are drawn too) and the build everyone else's outfits around that outfit.

Say yes to the dress

DO NOT be afraid of looking too fancy or over dressed. Dresses create beautiful movement!

DO select pieces that fit your body. We know its tempting to buy clothes for the kiddos that are a size bigger so they can fit them longer, but stick with sizes that fit your body NOW

DO wear clothes that you are comfortable in above anything else