Location Guide

Don't have a specific place in mind for your portrait session? Take a look at our location guide to get a visual of some possible location ideas for your photos!

Moddern City/Industrial

The great thing about the city is all of the unique and beautiful architecture it has to offer! From glass sculptures to graffiti alleys, the the local markets, Tacoma and Seattle are home to all of your modern photoshoot desires!


Washington may not be known for its white sandy beaches but we do have quite the sights when it comes to our waterfronts! With options all up and down the sound, if the beach is calling, we can get there!

Open Fields

Want something a little more rustic? There are hidden gems around Tacoma (and further out if you want to drive) full of tall open grass fields if you're looking for a more quiet, country feel.


Want some insane scenery? Are you up for a drive and maybe even a hike?

Northbend/Snoqualmie is home to a large range of beautiful scenery options full of mountains, lakes, waterfalls and rivers.

*Some locations are subject to a travel fee