I absolutely love when i get to spend my sessions taking photos of my adorable nieces and nephews (not that I'm bias or anything)! I mean just look at miss Brooklyn, how could you not completely adore her! So when my sister in law and i got together and ran into this fruit bath concept we absolutely HAD to try it out with her little fire cracker!  This shoot was not only a blast because it meant spending time with Brooks, but it was also so much fun to see her splashing around in the sink and in the tub! I cannot tell you how many times she had us cracking up because she had to stop looking at the camera so she could focus on taking a bite of whatever fruit was in her hand (Yes, even the lemons!!). If you are looking for a fun way to capture memories of your little ones before they grow too big, this is absolutely a shoot i would suggest to any mom or dad! This is perfect for kiddos between the ages of 6 m.o and 18 m.o. 

Brooklyns Fruit Bath 

Lo Capone