Getting to capture the memories of two people madly in love is a privilege that i will never take for granted. It is something truly magical to watch couples so in love, so infatuated by each other, interact in such a vulnerable and intimate setting. Alix and Cody are an amazing couple that we met through a local photographers group, Alix is the incredible mastermind behind Photography by Alix (you can check out her work at We decided on doing some golden hour photo of her and her boyfriend Cody at Fort Steilacoom Park, when we arrived and met them for the first time I caught myself not being able to help but smile constantly and it didn't take long to realize that it was because of the pure joy that these two emitted from just simply being around each other. 

I carried along with the shoot as a normally would, these two were so easy to capture! All the while keeping in mind a conversation i had had with Cody earlier that day and trying to "play it cool". I honestly think i might have been more nervous than he was, that or he puts on a Vegas quality poker face that is unmatched! We got through almost an entire hour of shooting before his time to really shine was up! How he kept it together for that long i have absolutely NO idea! 

Alix and Cody's Engagement  

We finished off  with me asking Alix if she was okay with me having them do one or two more poses so that i could get some video of how i get couples to loosen up. I warned her that they would be some pretty silly requests but that i wanted to use the footage for an upcoming blog post. She happily obliged and, well just watch the video to see what happened next! 

Lo Capone